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Shallow Hal


Thanks for listening to The Rock. I started this station out of my home in 2012. It's a passion project and continues to be my pride and joy. After 30 years of hosting commercial morning radio, I wanted to create the antithesis of that experience. The Rock is non-commercial, free-form radio. There are no playlists and I encourage the all-volunteer staff to go "outside the box."

While The Rock does not pay my bills, my 20+ year run hosting the nationally syndicated Animal Radio show has been my day job and my pet passion. You can hear Animal Radio locally on KVEC Sundays at 2pm. If you don't live in the San Luis Obispo area, you can find your local station, or listen online at

You can hear my Rock program, featuring new music sprinkled with old classics, every Thursday at 4:20. If you miss a show, click on the archives below.

Please reach out and say hi. Let me know how you think The Rock is doing.

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