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Founder: Hal Abrams

2024 President: Drew Ross

Secretary: Jeff Rininger

Treasurer: Hal Abrams

2024 Board of Directors: 

Jim Stanfill, David Sozinho, Lynsey Hansen, Robert Moynier, Eric Riddiough, Frank Hayes.



Operations Manager: Hal Abrams
Program Director: Drew Ross
Promotions Director: Cheryl Wells




Hal Abrams- Thursday 4:20-7pm 

Bodacious Ya Ya's (Carole & Lisa) 8-10am (every 3rd Friday)

Jacob Campbell-Sunday 7-9pm

Captain Retro-Friday 12-2pm

The Chameleon-Wednesday 7-11pm, Friday 2-6pm

MaryAine Curtis- Saturday (2nd and 4th) 1-1:30 pm

Noreen - Tuesday 9am-12pm

Bryce Davis-Sunday 6-7pm

Dead Air Dave-Sunday 4-5pm

Dr. Robert-Tuesdays 7-11pm

Jon Elliott-Sunday 5-6pm

Lisa Ellman-Wednesday 4:20-7pm - Saturday 2-2:30pm

Frank Fidelity-Thursday 9am-12pm - Thursday 10-11pm

Joe Frank-Sunday 10-11am, 9-10pm

Hardbound Ed-Tuesday 7pm-11pm

Joe Santalla-Saturday 2:30-5pm 

Terje Lie-Monday 9pm-12am

Lucien-Monday 6-9pm

Jake Mills-Saturday 9-10am

Mr. Bill-Thursday 12-4:20pm

Sean Myers-Saturday 10-1pm

Abe Perlstein-Tuesday 12-6:00pm

Neal Ramirez-Saturday 5-7pm

Eric Riddiough-Sunday 2-4pm

Drew Ross-Friday  8-11pm

Sandra Soodohnimm

Wes Starr-Wednesday 10am-1pm

Glenna Thompson-Wednesday 2-4:20pm (2 Wed)

Carole Truesdale -

DJ Vato-Fill-in

Eric Vasconcellos-Friday 6-8pm

Kurt Waldo "The Wizard"- Thursday 7pm-10pm

Wendy Wagoner-Monday 2-5pm, Wednesday 9am-Noon

Email us at

Call us:

Studio: 805-772-2037

Office: 805-769-8458

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