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Estero Bay Community Radio Public Safety Mission


Estero Bay Community Radio (EBCR), a California public safety nonprofit organization, will operate the acquired facility as a public safety station in support of the Emergency Response Plan, as well as the regional Hazard Mitigation Plan of San Luis Obispo County, including the cities of Morro Bay & Paso Robles, CA.


The purpose of these plans is to enable the cities to respond to any and all emergencies that could affect the health, safety and property of the public within city limits. EBCR also supports the San Luis Obispo County Emergency Management organization and provides vital emergency broadcasts during severe weather occurrences, community emergencies and other potential/real man-made or natural disasters.


The emergency plans supported by the station cover several categories of emergencies, including:


(A) Natural hazards, such as earthquakes, tornadoes, fire (urban and wild land), storms, floods, ice storms, landslides, human and animal disease epidemics, drought, sink holes and mine subsidence;


(B) Accidental disasters, such as accidents, explosions, equipment and dam failures, hazardous materials and biological hazard incidents, household chemical emergencies, industrial emergencies, transportation disasters including airline, truck and rail, and nuclear facility events;


(C) Disruptions in service, including water, sewer, electricity, communications, travel, etc.


(D) Civil disturbances and terrorism including rioting and looting, assassination, bombing, cyber attack, hijacking, kidnaping, threats of terrorism, the use of chemical, biological, nuclear and radiological weapons, other weapons of mass destruction, and other mass casualties.

EBCR provides 24 hours per-day of locally-originated programming that features emergency information and preparedness resources provided by city emergency response personnel, including local police and fire departments.


EBCR also broadcasts programming relative to zoning, land use, and design proposals within a broader community vision for physical development that will allow its communities of coverage to grow and prosper, promote economic development and viable job development.


The focus of such programming is to preserve the quality of life that makes this area a desirable place to work and live while protecting and enhancing existing neighborhoods and the rural cultural landscape.

EBCR's Public Safety Mission strives to provide relevant, timely, and credible local information to underserved community listeners.


In addition to providing Public Safety and Emergency programming, EBCR has also developed collaborative relationships with the local colleges, high schools, local artists, musicians, historians, writers, and non-profit organizations to develop educational programming, including instructional programs, which improve the quality of life for the EBCR listening audience.

EBCR works in unison with California Department of Emergency Services and the California Governors Office of Emergency Services. You may listen to our shared programming Sundays on 97.3 and 107.9 FM. 

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